Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So Blessed.

Today I am overwhelmed with such a grateful heart. It has brought me to tears. Why am I so blessed? Why has God allowed my family such comforts and second chances? Why has God chosen to give me a husband who truly cherishes me and wants nothing more than to just be with me? Why has God given me a little girl who oozes joy to the very pit of her being...She brings such joy and excitement to my life. Then my mind wanders to the friends that God has no doubt strategically placed in my life during this season and chapter. I wonder if we would be so close if we met in 10 years from now. Would our lives collide in such a way that we would be such steadfast friends? In all things I am reminded of the love that the Father has for me. He chooses the folks who walk into my life and at times He allows me to see a glimpse of His plan. Tom and I have been reminded more and more recently that we are His hands and feet and we are to love so intensely for nothing else other than to be the extension of His love. How amazing is that, that our Heavenly Father would allow us to serve Him in such a way. Wow! We have built relationships with others who are hurting, deeply hurting through trials we have not faced. We pray together, cry together and sort through the grief together. I cannot even begin to describe the intensity that ministering to othershas changed our relationship with each other. I am so thankful that even in the darker days, God gives me hope more often than not, by allowing me to be with others who love Him and show His love to me.

Thank you Lord for your love that you show to me through those who love you. i am humbled, grateful and thankful that you allow me to experience such intense joy by living for you.


  1. oh sweet friend, so wonderfully said, how truly blessed I am to have you in my life :) I thank God daily for His mercy & grace, for allowing me to be His arms & hands reaching out to draw others closer to Him. Whether it's through laughter, tears, love, or struggles, it's all to bring glory to His name. Amen & I love you my fellow sister in Christ!!!

  2. Allison, that was beautiful. It is so cool to read what you write, and to be able to "see" your heart for Christ from many many many miles away! I feel like I get what you wrote in a lot of ways...those times when His love for us just overwhelms you to the point that you can't think straight even! He is everything and we have (in our house) seen that more and more through these past months since my dad took his life. He is faithful and He loves us and that is why I get up in the morning! I'm so glad you have so many friends are yall to love you and be loved by you!