Thursday, December 22, 2011

Where is Jesus?

I finished wrapping presents today and I placed them under our Christmas tree. I have a Jim Shore Figurine with Santa bowing to baby Jesus in the manger. This sits right under our Christmas tree as a reminder of what this season is really about. As I was organizing the presents I found myself moving this figure all around to make room. It was striking to have a visual of what many times happens at Christmas. We get preoccupied with the "stuff", the tradition, the family, the get-togethers and soon we see Jesus shifting out of the picture. We do not go crazy about presents and stuff, but any attention focused on the shopping or deal-seeking is attention that is taken away from Jesus. As a mother, I want to be intentional in the value that we give Christmas in our lives. I want to be intentional in making Jesus the "main event." He is the greatest gift this world will ever see; I want Julia to know with certainty that He is truly the Gift.