Friday, April 1, 2011

Refurbished Souls

We just recently subscribed to NetFlix which we love by the way. I received a long awaited DVD in the mail a few days ago that I was really excited to watch. About 15 minutes into the film...jump, jump, freeze. Yep, thats right. I took it out of the player and cleaned it off. There were some deep stratches that were not mendable. To my disappoinment, it was labeled "damaged" and sent back to NetFlix.

I got to thinking about how we are a lot like DVDs and CDs. They are discs that hold beautiful music and pictures. We are designed to play beautiful music through the living of our lives. Sin and abuse grind into our souls and leave deep painful scratches during different seasons of our lives. Our lives can fall apart literally in moments.

The CD will not work as designed, music may start to skip, and will eventually be unable to play. I think some of us probably get used to the damage and the stratches and de-value ourselves. If we go to the Lord and confide in Him who makes us whole He has the power to "re-furbish" our soul and renew our minds. The scratches may still there but they are covered and healed through His sacrifice and we are again able to play the beautiful music we were designed to play.

I have been reminded daily in the recent weeks and months that the Lord desires to heal our hearts and our spirits. Sometimes the difficulties that we face are merely an avenue to bring us closer to Him. I see the pain so many others endure and I cannot help but think that is it partly a love cry from the Lord that He wants to be your source of healing, comfort and joy.

It is my prayer that no matter what you are facing, that you draw close to Him.